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Kibbutz MorAbout Moranan was first established in 1977, by a group of young dreamers who were encouraged to build a new town in the Galilee. About twenty eight years later, next to the original kibbutz, a new neighborhood was built, creating together with the original kibbutz families, a new version of a Community town, currently with about 130 families.

"Moran" is the name of a local wild bush and also the name of a creek that flows in the area. Moran is fortunate to be built within the boundaries of the largest Nature Reserve in Israel: Mount Meron.

Moran is still in the process of settling down and developing a new type of community in Israel. All of its internal social activities are led by many local people who act on a volunteer basis.

Moran is keen to preserve the scenery and environment around it, while also conducting a thriving cultural and community life inside.

The community infrastructure of Moran consists of a Multi-purpose Cultural Centre, madical clinic, swimming pool, Synagogue, kindergartens and day care centers. Children attend elementary and high school in regional institutions.

In addition, Moran is constantly opening small businesses such as: An art and jewelry workshop, a brewery and pub, a cake and bread bakery with a coffee shop, a local chocolatier who came from Canada, carpentry, glass and ceramic studios, B&B country lodging, cosmetic treatments and others.

The Kibbutz still runs successfully its traditional means of production such as: large dairy and poultry farms, fruit orchards and cattle breeding.

Moran is part of a larger municipal framework called the Misgav Regional Council, which is an interesting mosaic of 35 communities, 29 of which are Jewish towns and 6 are Arab-Bedouin villages. The fact that Misgav is a combination of different ethnic background, religious diversity and social pluralism, is an example that Jewish-Arab Coexistence can exist and be achieved in Israel.


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